We believe that God:
Is Creator of the universe and continues the process of creation today.
Has been sensed and known by people in all times and places, yet remains beyond human      comprehension.
Is at the heart of everything, but also is over and beyond all that is.
Is just, merciful, faithful, patient and always present and available to all.
Offers "grace" - unmerited, unconditional love and acceptance to all - not because of who we are or      anything we do, but because of who God is. That this grace restores brokenness to wholeness, and is      experienced as forgiveness, healing and transformation.

We believe that, so far as God could be revealed in human life, we have that revelation in Jesus. We believe that Jesus:
Taught that loving God and one another were the greatest of all commandments.
Was not sent to die for humanity's sins, but did die because of humanity's sins.
Lived as a man and died when he was crucified.
Triumphed over death and still lives today.
Calls us to pattern our lives as his followers through his teachings and example.

We believe that the Spirit of God...
Moves through humanity offering guidance, comfort and strength.
Awakens us to God's hopes for us, and helps us to live faithfully.
Works through people for the good of the world, bringing love to hate, justice to injustice, peace to war      and order to chaos.

We believe that all people...
Are created in the image of God and contain within them a divine spark.
Are born to seek and love God and to love and nurture one another.
Are endowed by God with intelligence, free will and dignity, and summoned to take responsibility for the      life of the world.
Best serve God and one another when embracing compassion, humility, honesty, peace, justice, service      and love.

We believe that the Bible...
Is a record of a humanity's growing understanding of God. It helps us to explore our own relationship with      God as we follow the teachings of the historical Jesus, whom we recognize as a living spirit seeking the      transformation of human lives.
Should be taken seriously but not literally. We view the Bible like a window through which we see God      and better understand ourselves - not as a static, inerrant textbook.

Brea UMC
480 N. State College Blvd., Brea, CA 92821
Phone:1-714-529-6336 ~

Sunday Morning Worship service at 9:00 a.m. ~ Childcare provided

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